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CQT Support Georgiou/SRG on Award winning Bolivia Hill Bridge- NSW

The Bolivia Hill bridge was constructed as a 320m balanced cantilever bridge on the New England Highway between Tenterfield and Glenn Innes NSW.

The bridge was introduced to improve the road safety, freight efficiency and reliability of travel in the area and CQT Services Pty Ltd were engaged to provide specialist support to the project which included: Tender preparation, B80 Bridgeworks Training, Specialist concrete mix design advice with Hanson and concrete batch plant establishment onsite.

CQT also provided a dedicated Concrete durability plan, Hot weather and Cold weather concrete plans and Thermal modelling to control the heat of hydration for large concrete elements within the bridge. Optimisation of the construction cycle was undertaken by CQT and concrete plant and quarry production audits were undertaken along with troubleshooting across the whole project... Below is a message from the project manager.

“CQT was brought onto the Bolivia Hill bridge project to help with the tender, run B80 bridgeworks training, design complying concrete mixes, with Hanson, and establish the concrete batch plant onsite. As the project developed CQT prepared our comprehensive Concrete Durability, Hot weather Concrete and Cold Weather Concreting plans which were very well received by TfNSW. The thermal models and mix adjustments allowed us to meet the tight hydration temperature specs while also achieving the required PT strengths the next day. This saved a whole day in the construction of each segment and was a huge time and cost saving to the project. The constructability advice, pump placement plan and independent audits of the quarry and concrete plants on behalf of the JV helped us maintain concrete quality and CQT were actively involved in resolving site issues throughout the whole project. CQT became a valued member of our site team and we will be actively using their services in upcoming projects.”

Gareth Davie | Project Manager - Bolivia Hill Upgrade


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